We have been active in the North German ports of Nordenham and Hamburg since 2009 and offer various services for customers from the following sectors:

We aim to offer you innovative products with “end-to-end solutions”. For example, our service package for inland vessels (cargo e.g. hard coal):

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to provide you with all you need from a single source!

Services nationwide

Determination of the weight of inland shipping cargoes
Manual sampling of solid fuels and dusts
Inspection of fuel stockpiles with regard to
o Volume / density (according to EU ETS CO2 guidelines)
o Quality / environment (e.g. after manual sampling and / or dynamic probing)
o Safety / storage losses (e.g. monitoring of temperatures)

Services close to location

Transport safety testing (UN N4 test)
Certification of automatic coal sampling systems
Maintenance / Calibration of residual carbon online measurement systems (Promecon)
On-line data access adapted to the customer’s needs